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Philadelphia's Favorite Son Returns an Enemy

Fans will be slightly conflicted Sunday when the Washington Redskins come to town Sunday to take on the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. Do they cheer for their former quarterback or boo him since he is now part of the opposition.

The game will be a tale of two quarterbacks as Donovan McNabb will want to show the Eagles that they made a mistake in letting him go while Michael Vick will want to prove that he deserves to be the starter in Philadelphia going forward.

McNabb has looked great at times this season like when he threw for 426 yards against the Houston Texans in a losing effort, but has also looked erratic like he was in week three against the St. Louis Rams. Vick on the other hand appears to be getting better with each successive game.

Against the Redskins Vick could look even better. The Redskins have been among the worst at stopping the pass allowing over 325 yards a game so far. Although that statistic is inflated due to the 497 that Matt Schaub put up, the Eagles have the weapons to do the same in DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy, and Jeremy Macklin.

Just putting pressure on Michael Vick alone will not be enough since he is at his most dangerous when he is on the run and improvising. His line has had a very hard time protecting the quarterback this season and is leading the lead in sacks allowed at 14 even with the speedy and elusive Vick behind center. Washington’s defense is tied with seven other teams with seven sacks.

The Redskins best chance is going to be with the ball in Donovan McNabb’s hands. McNabb is one of the best clutch performers in the league and knows how to generate long scoring drives to keep the ball away from opposing offenses. If he is able to get on track early and keep the ball away from Michael Vick then his return to Philly may be bitter sweet for Eagles fans, but good for McNabb.


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