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Philadelphia Media Members Fight at Eagles Facility

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We’ve all heard this story before: Reporters get into a Twitter battle and then get into a fist fight at the Eagles NovaCare Complex. It’s an old and tired story, but one that played out today at the Eagles’ facility.

It started with Jeff McLane’s report on Tuesday that two team sources told him that Michael Vick would play on Sunday. Lew Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News then tweeted that the report was essentially nonsense, and that the Eagles had no idea at that time whether or not Vick would play.

That set McLane off.

He basically said that he wouldn’t just make something up like that and if Vick does play, Bowen should admit that he’s an old, tired hack who hasn’t broken a story in forever and relies on the work of other journalists to write his stories.


Bowen responded that he doesn’t do his battling on Twitter. That seems to be true, because according to Howard Eskin, the two had to be separated after a physical altercation.

“Great media fight 2day at eagles complex. Les bowen connects 2 the head of jeff McLane. Jeff tweeted he was an old tired reporter. CORRECT,” Eskin tweets.

Mike Garafolo, a New York sports writer, then tweeted to Eskin asking if it was true. He seemed exasperated at the thought of something like that happening.

“@MikeGarafolo they had to separate them,” Eskin tweeted in response.

We would LOVE to know who instigated the physical aspect. Seriously, whoever it was should probably lose their job. We’ll keep you posted.


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