NFL Analysis: Eagles Not Fooling Nnamdi Asomugha, Anyone Else


Veteran NFL coaches have become like Doyle Brunson, the pioneer of Texas Hold’em poker. Brunson knows to peek at his hand, not to lift it too high for others to see, and doesn’t show excitement when he’s sitting on pocket aces. He also knows how to play it cool, when he’s waiting for a certain game changing card to come off the deck.

When the Eagles leaked out that they weren’t interested in Nnamdi Asomugha, due to the high contract that he’ll demand, it was basically Andy Reid playing his poker hand. Right now Reid has his cards laid out in front of him and he’s twirling a poker chip around his fingers. He’s staring down 31 other players (coaches) at his table, daring them to go all-in. When they make their offer at the pot, Reid will come over the top of them and be the last man standing.

Reid understands what it’s like to be missing one piece. He’s been to the NFC Championship game five times and to one Super Bowl. A source close to the Eagles, reportedly has said that the Eagles won’t pursue Nnamdi due to his price tag, his playing only on the right side, his being a press corner, and his being 30 years old. All I know is that Asante Samuel plays mostly the left side, the Eagles play a lot of press, and it’s rare that you can get one of the top two cornerbacks in the NFL. The Eagles organization, Andy Reid, and their fan base want a championship. I believe that if adding Nnamdi Asomugha brings them that championship, then his age and price tag won’t matter. If they do add Asomugha, they’ll be the Super Bowl favorite in my book.

On his way to the final deciding hand, Reid will face some tough decisions. He’ll have some cards that he could play but none of them are as safe as Asomugha. There are rumors that he could go after Plaxico Burress, Reggie Bush, or Albert Haynesworth. But none of those guys fits the Eagles better than Asomugha. Eagles fans better hope he’s bluffing the NFL and has his Ace up his sleeve if he wants to win the elusive Super Bowl.

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