Philadelphia Eagles Running Back LeSean McCoy is a Class Act

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Joining the growing ranks of professional athletes who remain class acts both on and off the field, Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy held a charity bowling event fundraiser at the Palmyra Bowling Center to benefit The ALS Association last year around this time in May. Fans from around the area flocked to the venue for a fun filled afternoon to meet McCoy, bowl, and most importantly, benefit a great cause. Jared Ginsberg and Victor Green of Class Act Sports were both on hand to talk with the speedy running back and everyone who made the event possible.

McCoy shares a special connection and interest in ALS, as his grandmother passed away from the disease, which is a progressive neurodegenerative illness that attacks nerves in the brain.

“My family has been fighting this disease because of my grandmother,” said McCoy.

The star Philadelphia running back’s grandfather was in attendance as well, and explained how the event originally came to fruition.

“LeSean came to me and he asked me…’What can I do to help you? Anything that you need, just let me know.’ Entertainers, athletes, they always do something for a foundation, [I said] ‘Why don’t you set something up for your Nana? It might be too late for Nana; however it might help millions of other people.’”

The local bowling alley was packed with fans as McCoy spoke to the crowd, signed autographs, and took pictures throughout the evening. Television crews also made an appearance, capturing the story for local news stations to spread the word about the 22-year-old’s charitable works.

“LeSean McCoy’s here, the media is here, it’s just absolutely phenomenal. We’re going to raise over $10,000 for ALS, so we’re very excited,” said Amy Eiserman, owner of the Palmyra Bowling Center.

Jim Pinciotti, Executive Director of The ALS Association also expressed his gratitude, saying,

“If you can get somebody to give you a few minutes of their time, if you can get them to give you their face for a day, or give you some money; any one of those things is wonderful. LeSean gives us all.”

McCoy continues to support his hometown of Harrisburg, PA, and established his own foundation to lend a helping hand to discover a cure and treatment for those afflicted with ALS. He also hosted his second annual “Shady’s Community Day” in Harrisburg on May 14, a carnival and basketball event for local kids throughout the area.

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