Philadelphia Eagles Players Wanted to Hit Unruly Fans?

In yet another example of the problems in the Philadelphia Eagles organization, we now see that yet another rookie thinks that they know the lay of the land in Philly. A couple weeks ago, it was rookie C Jason Kelce getting upset at the anti-Andy Reid signs outside of the NovaCare Complex.

Look, you people have been here for one year…not even. I’m not defending the behavior of Eagles fans, but they’ve been here a lot longer than you. Don’t stroll into town after a few games and act like you know the deal. You don’t.

The latest offender? Brian Rolle, a sixth-round pick out of Ohio State who apparently doesn’t appreciate any disdain for his head coach.

“I almost slapped this dude who just said “im not an eagles fan until they get rid of the coach”…….#RealTalk,” Rolle tweeted, using a series of periods to take up his 140 characters.

Do I think that you really would have slapped him, Brian? No. But, to act like you can understand the relationship between Andy Reid and the fans of Philadelphia after being here since April? When you were locked away from the team for much of that time? Puh-lease.

I’m not defending Andy Reid. I have my own set of issues with him and the list has gotten much longer in the past year. But, for Brian Rolle, who is only a starter in the NFL because the Eagles have such horrific linebackers, to essentially say that these fans need to get a life?

You have to be out of your mind. Brian, you and people like Jason Kelce have no clue what the Eagles organization, fans and media have gone through since 1999. I’m not saying it’s all bad. Not at all. But, you just don’t know. To quote Jim Mora: “”You. Don’t. Know. You think you know, but you just don’t know. And you never … will.”

Maybe the “never will” part isn’t true, but as of now…You. Don’t. Know.

So f’ing zip it and try playing some defense.


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