NFL: Vick, Eagles Getting too Much Credit from Oddsmakers


Are we going to make the Philadelphia Eagles huge favorites in every game they play for the rest of the year now because of one great prime time performance in Michael Vick's career? Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't Philadelphia already lost 4 times already this year? Didn't they lose last week to a Bears team that the pundits claim is doing it with smoke and mirrors?

I'm not suggesting that the Houston Texans are world beaters, far from it. Houston however is only one game off the pace in the AFC South, they are certainly not out of things, and have a lot to play for. I think we forget sometimes that this is the NFL where everyone is playing for a paycheck.

Last week's shut out was just what the doctor ordered for the Texans. Before last week they couldn't stop you or I from picking apart their secondary. I know it was against Rusty Smith, but in the NFL, you don't give back wins; and there were 10 other guys including Chris Johnson trying to move the ball on them.

While I'm not suggesting that Houston's pass defense problems have been solved, contrary to what you might be lead to believe, Michael Vick is not the best pocket passer in the league; and that is what works well against the Texans defense.

8.5 points is just too much to give here. Take Houston covering the 8.5.

FYI - This pick will be included in our Wagering for Charity picks for NFL Week 13 which will come out tomorrow. Year to date we are up 174.65% and are scheduled to donate some nice money to worth while causes. I hope some of you have been fortunate to piggy back us an dact upon our bets. You should all email us with your charitable suggestions. - Robert Fairchild

Robert Fairchild is a professional sports gaming professional. He legally wages on professional and collegiate sporting events for a living. Robert is NOT suggesting that you quit your day job and try to wager on sports for a living. He is contributing his thoughts and experience to assist you in a recreational activity that you as an informed adult may choose to take part in.

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