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Philadelphia Eagles Analysis: A Theory on Michael Vick's Broken Ribs

I was reading this morning as I do every morning (And day. And night.), and I noticed some interesting theories being floated around on Michael Vick’s broken ribs. PFT thought it was curious that Andy Reid would mention that the Philadelphia Eagles QB had busted two lower ribs right off the bat in his Monday press conference.

First of all, anyone who has watched Reid’s press conferences dating back to 1999 knows that he leads off every single post-game and post-day presser with injuries before giving a few comments and then saying “time’s yours.” So that isn’t odd at all.

PFT does note, however, that even LeSean McCoy chuckled in a radio interview about Vick not really getting hurt on the second play of the game as the team said. McCoy said he thought the injury happened later in the game. So, that does seem odd that the Eagles would say he was hurt on the second play of the game when none of the empirical data would support that.

But, the prevailing PFT theory is that Vick might not have broken ribs at all and that Andy could be using the “injury” as an excuse to cover up his poor play on Sunday, and possibly to bench him for a game or two.

Greg Rosenthal – who we like – even goes on to write in a separate post that he didn’t ever see Vick in any pain during the game:

I watched the Eagles game on Tuesday night. Vick moved well and threw a number of great passes after the play he supposedly was hurt on.

Perhaps more telling, he ran like crazy and took a number of hits in the game without ever appearing to be in pain. If anything, Vick was more eager and aggressive running the ball than usual.

Really? Really?! So, no one at PFT noticed – or at the very least mentioned – the fact that late in the game Vick scrambled and got popped to the ground? He layed on the ground, holding his midsection in pain and had to come out for a play. Vince Young came in for the following play. How can you write a whole conspiracy theory on Vick’s rib injury and not mention this?

But, maybe they are indeed on to something as far as when he suffered the rib injury. Because, my best guess is that this is the play where Vick broke his ribs. And I have to believe that he really did break his ribs, because Andy Reid is not in the business of trying to lose football games and, well…have you seen Vince Young play in this offense? Yeah.

Maybe they are telling us that he broke his rib on the second play of the game, to give Vick an excuse for why he played like utter horse dung for most of the game. Maybe they are saying it was the second play of the game because this is yet another injury that Vick suffered because he refuses to slide when running the ball. That would actually be my best guess as for the “second play” fib.

So, while PFT does make some interesting points about the suspicious injury that’s really not remotely as suspicious as they are making it sound (other than the timing of the actual injury), they are leaving out a huge point in the whole discussion: Vick left the game for one play after holding his side.

Guess that doesn’t count for much.


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