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Peterson Suspended For The Rest Of The Season

Minnesota Vikings’ running back Adrian Peterson received a suspension that will keep him out for at least the rest of the 2014-15 season.

The star running back applied for reinstatement to the league after he violated the league’s personal conduct policy. But the NFL announced Tuesday morning that Peterson will not be reinstated until at least April 15, 2015.

Peterson and the NFL Players’ Association have said they will appeal the suspension, saying that there are some inconsistencies with the discipline imposed on Peterson.

Peterson was charged with injury to a child using a wooden switch, while trying to discipline his son, 4, in September.

This brings up a serious debate of whether or not using any kind of violence to discipline a child is correct. Peterson thinks it is necessary. In fact, he has said that he never intended to hurt him, but he was just disciplining him the same way he was disciplined when he was a child growing up in East Texas.

NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell released a long letter to Peterson, which includes Goodell asking Peterson to seek professional council to help him in order to be reinstated to the league.

"You must commit yourself to your counseling and rehabilitative effort, properly care for your children, and have no further violations of law or league policy,” Goodell wrote in his letter.

NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith has come out and explained his disagreement with the league and the suspension.

"You get the feeling that the NFL, over the past few months, has been simply making it up as they go along,” Smith said. “That is something that is not in the best interest of the game, the players, or the sponsors."

Sources: ESPN / Photo Credit: Wikipedia


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