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NFL: Vikings Peterson to Sit Out vs. Eagles?

Surprisingly, it was Brett Favre that started for the Minnesota Vikings on Monday night and Adrian Peterson was the one who could go. That was quite a shock and I’m sure that it royally screwed fantasy football owners in the midst of their playoffs.

“I’m down 12, but I have Peterson Monday night.” That sound like you? Sorry about that.

As of now, the Vikings are optimistic and say that Peterson’s thigh is “improving,” but, it’s not a sure thing that he’ll be able to play against the Eagles.

We’ll be cautious regarding Adrian, just making sure that he can do the things he has to do the things he has to do in order to perform before we put him back out there,” said head coach Leslie Frazier.

“And if he can go, then he’ll get a chance to go, but if not, if there are any inhibitions, we won’t put him at risk.”

Frazier said that there haven’t been any discussions about shutting him down for the season, but the fact that this is even brought up means that Peterson is pretty sore.

Peterson knocked knees with Tarvaris Jackson in last week’s Giants game and supposedly it’s his thigh that ended up getting all banged up. We’ll keep an eye on this one as the week progresses.

Eagles fans would probably much rather see Joe Webb and Toby Gerhart as opposed to Brett Favre and Adrian Peterson.


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