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Peterson Loses Appeal, Out Until April

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson lost his appeal for violating the NFL’s conduct policy.

Peterson was charged with injury to a child using a wooden switch, while trying to discipline his son, 4, in September.

The suspension keeps Peterson out of play until April 15 of next year. Peterson and the NFL Players’ Association appealed it, believing that the punishment was not based on the right things. The Decision was made by arbitrator Harold Henderson, and it is once again being contested by the NFLPA, which released a statement explaining their disagreement with the appeal denial.

"The NFLPA expected this outcome, given the hearing officer's relationship and financial ties to the NFL. The decision itself ignores the facts, the evidence and the collective bargaining agreement. This decision also represents the NFL's repeated failure to adhere to due process and confirms its inconsistent treatment of players. Our union is considering immediate legal remedies."

Peterson will miss the remainder of the 2014-15 season and will be able to once again apply for reinstatement April 15 of 2015.

Source: ESPN / Photo Credit: Flickr


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