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Pete Rose and Former Playboy Model Kiana Kim Will Appear on Reality Show "Hits and Mrs."

Whenever there is a Pete Rose mention it’s worth read. Most often it’s just news of diarrhea emitting from Pete’s mouth, but you never know when the day will come where MLB and Pete will have make-up sex. We are a very tolerant society and time tends to heal wounds of this type, so theoretically it could happen at anytime. Unfortunately however, today’s headline is nothing more than Pete Rose gambling on a six episode reality TV show…

Pete’s remarkable hitting on the field has been rivaled perhaps only by his errors off the field. Compounding his opposition to logic and reason, MLB’s all-time hit’s leader will now star in reality TV show on TLC premiering January 14th. The 71-year old who has been making like Hugh Hefner with his 31-year old fiancée, former Playboy model, Kiana Kim, will appear on a show called “Hits & Mrs.”Get it? See the way they did that? Clever huh?

Apparently Charlie Hustle’s children aren’t exactly rounding the bases and jumping for joy over either Pete’s recent conquest or the fact that he’s trying to capitalize on it from a monetary standpoint in a public forum. While this will likely make for some interesting television, you’ll have to keep me updated and let me know how it turns out as I’m not one to watch reality shows. I simply have no interest spending any time at all watching other people live when I’m busy living myself.

Rose’s fiancée Kim has two children of her own, Cassie-14 and Ashton-11. No word on whether Pete’s children Fawn-48 and Pete Jr.-43 will take to the show attempting to make like daddy and befriend the two youngsters. I know what you are thinking… “That would be sick, perverted and illegal,” and I agree, but considering Rose’s off the field happenings and the fact that this is reality TV, would you really be surprised?

I find myself saying almost daily, “You just can’t make this stuff up.” Apparently you can…


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