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Percy Harvin to San Francisco 49ers?

With the 49ers falling just one step short of a Super Bowl title, expect a busy off-season in the bay area to get them back to the big game. One potential move could be trading for disgruntled Minnesota Vikings receiver Percy Harvin. He is reportedly looking to get paid top dollars for his services and the Vikings don’t appear too keen to give in to his demands. Could the 49ers be the team to take Harvin off their hands?

The move would make sense for the 49ers as they desperately need to find another option at receiver behind Michael Crabtree. Harvin possesses all the skills to thrive in a west coast offense, which also makes him appealing to the 49ers. Harvins run crisp routes and has the ability to line up almost anywhere. He even ran the ball on occasion for the Vikings. He is also a dynamic kick returner, that would present a vast upgrade on either Ted Ginn Jr. or Kyle Williams. There isn’t anything Harvin doesn’t do. That might have something to do with his salary demands...

It make some sense for the Vikings also. Although the 49ers are in the NFC, they are out of division and it’s not all that likely the Vikings will play them very often. Depending on the draft picks and or player’s they received in return for Harvin they could continue to get young pieces to compliment their Adrian Peterson centric offense.

Not sure what the price tag is on Percy Harvin, but if it’s within the 49ers means to acquire him they should try their best to do so. Acquiring Harvin is just the kind of move that could put this offense over the top. There will have to be some great work done by the 49ers accounting team to try and fit Harvin and his new contract under the cap, but it’s a move that’s well worth the trouble.

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