People Who Should be on the College Football Playoff Committee

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Yesterday I named a couple of the coaches I think would do a good job.  If you missed it, that article is here. If I could name a committee it would be as follows with my reasoning.

1.) Phil Fulmer.  Fulmer coached over fifteen years in a premier conference at a power school. An undefeated national championship along with a pair of conference titles punch Fulmer’s ticket.

2.) Lloyd Carr. Carr also has a share of a national title. He coached for over a decade at one of the blue bloods of the sport. Carr also has a reputation of doing things the right way on and off the field.

3.) Mike Belotti. Belotti helped to bring about the current spread offense in college football as well as lay the foundation that is currently Oregon football.

4.) Tommy Bowden. Easy Gamecock fans. While Tommy is not the most popular person among the readership of this blog, you can not discredit his credentials. He apprenticed under his older brother at Ole Miss and Auburn. He brought Tulane an undefeated season before taking over a traditional program at Clemson.

5.) Rich Brooks. Brooks was a head coach at both a Pac 12 school and an SEC school with a stint in the NFL mixed in. He is a guy that has seen a lot of football in different parts of the country and has a reputation of integrity in the coaching community.

6.) RC Slocum. Slocum spent 14 years as the head coach in College Station where he logged a 123-47-2 record along with four conference titles. The old Southwest Conference/B12 needs a voice on the panel and Slocum provides it.

7.) Ron Zook. While Zook’s teams often lost when they should have won, and won when they should have lost, Zook brings a couple things to the table. He has coached (recently) in both the SEC and Big 10. He is not as far removed from the game as some of the members on the panel. Again, Zook did not have success in the win loss column like other members of the panel, he brings balance to the panel.

8.) Jeff Bower. Bower was the head man at Southern Mississippi for seventeen years. During that time he mounted a fourteen-year streak of winning seasons. Southern Miss took on a couple of the blue bloods just about every year and upset a couple of them. An impressive streak for a program that does not have the resources and cache that the traditional power programs do.

9.) Sonny Lubick. Lubick logged over 100 wins and nine bowl trips in his time at Colorado State.

10.) Howard Schnellenberger. Schnellenberger saved Miami from canceling the football program. No not that Miami. The U. Many people do not realize that Miami football was on the chopping block until Schnellenberger was hired. He soon started to recruit “the state of Miami” and national titles soon followed. Schnellenerberger also helped revitalize the Louisville program and started the Florida Atlantic program from scratch.

11.) The eleventh spot would be a chairmanship position. He would be the face of the committee and could serve as a tie breaker in the event it should be needed. The chairman needs to be smart and good on TV. Former players, administrators, and even media members would be candidates.

Bryant Roberts is a life long SEC fan, has 2 autographed pictures of Steve Spurrier, is addicted to BBQ, and a graduate of Presbyterian College.  Follow him on twitter here.

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