People Involved In/Affected By LeBron James’ Decision


On day 4, the Chicago Bulls fired coach Vinny Del Negro.  Yesterday, the Cleveland Cavaliers fired coach Mike Brown. There are a lot of rumors that the Miami Heat is thinking of replacing coach Erik Spoelstra. The Bulls have reached out to Phil Jackson, the Heat may be thinking of bringing back Pat Riley, and there are rumors that the next head coach of the Cavs might be John Calipari.  If any of the aforementioned teams signs any of the aforementioned coaches, such a move would be made with none other than LeBron James in mind.  

I am not proposing that Del Negro and/or Brown lost their jobs because ownership wanted a chance at getting/keeping LeBron, but I am suggesting that the hiring of a prominent head coach would have to be based at least remotely on gaining a chance at reeling LeBron James in.

Before this NBA season started, and even now, before the playoffs is even finished, LeBron has been the big story in basketball. More people cared day-to-day about where he will be playing next year instead of what his line was in his current team’s match-ups.

I can’t imagine how many clippings Leon Rose has stored regarding LeBron James in the past year.  Leon Rose is an agent at CAA. CAA not only represents LeBron, but also Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh (both of whom came to CAA through CAA’s acquisition of former CSMG agent, Henry Thomas), who will also receive max contract. And they also happen to represent coach Calipari and Pat Riley.  But LeBron’s decision is not only in the hands of Leon Rose at CAA.  Worldwide Wes (William Wesley) is also officially a part of the crew at CAA, and it is well known that LeBron has gone to Wes for advice plenty of times throughout LeBron’s life.

Beyond his people at CAA, LeBron will undoubtedly be receiving advice from his team at LRMR, those at the large companies he endorses (with an emphasis on the big guys at Nike), and others that he respects and trusts.

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