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Pennsylvania High School Football Player Yanks Helmet Off Opposing Player And Bashes Him On Head With It (Video)

A Pennsylvania high school football player took the helmet off a player on the opposing team and started bashing him on the head with it at a game Friday, prompting a criminal investigation.

Hamburg quarterback Joey Cominsky yanked the helmet off of Annville-Cleona lineman Josh Hartman and beat him over the head with it multiple times in the third quarter of a heated football game, according to the Huffington Post.

Multiple other players shoved each other during the incident, and one Annville-Cleona player, Taylor Prentice, started throwing punches.

Cominsky and Prentice were removed from the game after the incident, which left Hartman with a cut on his head. Besides the cut, Hartman appeared to not have any other injuries.

After the players were ejected, Hamburg won the game 25 to 22.

The principal of Hamburg did not disclose how the school would respond to the incident, including what would happen to Cominsky. The principal added that the school followed its set procedures for such situations.

The two players who were ejected will be forced to sit out of the next football game.

South Annville Township police chief Ben Sutcliffe said he thinks the police investigation will take a long time.

"It is premature at this point to say anything about charges being filed or not being filed," Sutcliffe said.

Source: Huffington Post


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