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Penn State Victim Bullied Out of High School

I mean…you can’t make this up. If this doesn’t show you how out of whack our society is, I don’t know what does. You may or may not have heard about the biggest scandal in the history of collegiate sports that’s still being sorted out at Penn State?

Yeah, so Jerry Sandusky spent quite a bit of his time around the team raping and touching little boys. He even used his Second Mile charity to have better access to children. And the whole thing of course blew up and there are allegations of who knew what and when and who didn’t do the right thing and head coach Joe Paterno was eventually fired.

The first victim to come forward with allegations is known as Victim 1 in the grand jury indictment. And apparently, his fellow a-hole classmates at Central Mountain High School don’t like that he told people about being sexually assaulted by this low-life piece of hamster vomit. According to his psychologist, Mike Gillum, they bullied him to the point where he had to leave school in the middle of his senior year.

Yep, they blame him for Joe Pa getting fired.

You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me.

So, what is the recourse against these kids? Aren’t they guilty of some sort of crime? If it’s not a law on the books, make it one. This is reprehensible.

According to Gillum, the one good thing that Victim 1 is still very happy about, is that he got tons of other kids to come forward as well.

“He feels good about that,” Gillum said. “That’s the one good that’s come of all this.”

Ok great, but what can we do to the kids that bullied him? Seriously.


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