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Penn State Sex Scandal: Jerry Sandusky Denied Coaching Job After Background Check

A year and a half ago, a central Pennsylvania college did what a major, respected university in Penn State refused to for over a decade – it took a stand against alleged child molester Jerry Sandusky following a background check.

Sandusky, as reported by ESPN, was turned down by officials at Juanita College last year when he applied for a volunteer coaching job in May 2010. The decision to not proceed with Sandusky’s hiring came after Juanita personnel were made aware of an investigation into the ex-Penn State’s coordinator’s allegedly improper behavior at a high school where he had previously volunteered.

Juanita spokesman John Wall admitted that while his school wasn’t fully apprised on what precisely Sandusky was being investigated for, the prospect of Sandusky being tied up with any sort of improprieties was reason enough to stay way.

"We basically did our due diligence," Wall said.

Sandusky is currently charged with 40 counts child sexual abuse involving eight different boys. The 67-year-old has repeatedly denied being a pedophile, and has maintained that the extent of his relationship with young boys can be summed up as “horsing around.” He reportedly plans to fight all of the charges that have been levied against him.

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