Penn State News Round-Up: Joe Paterno, Robert Bolden, Big Ten, Illinois and More

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The Paterno camp made national news again two days ago when it was announced that Joe Paterno earned a $13.4M pension. Paterno was not given any special consideration in his pension plan, and it baffles me as to why this is such big news. But, it is.

PennLive previews Penn State's fifth opponent, Illinois, who is welcoming a new head coach as well.

Robert not transferring? I have seen multiple websites "confirm" that he is leaving, and multiple sites "confirm" the opposite. Only time will tell, I suppose.

Big Ten links:

Black Shoe Diaries has a look at recruiting from around the conference. Penn State has definitely slid back into the pack, and it does not appear that any commitments will occur until camps start up.

The BigTen Network previews Week 2 of the upcoming season. They don't have much about Penn State at Virginia, which has been set for noon kickoff.

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