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Penn State News Round-Up: Gregg Doyel Makes Sense, Christian Hackenberg Update and More

The calls to hand Penn State the death penalty, label the university with a lack of institutional control and stripping the entire football program are out there. They are written by lazy sportswriters lacking creativity and starving for page views who probably have an anti-Philadelphia sports fan article saved on their computer littered with references to the booing of Donovan McNabb, the throwing of batteries at baseball players and throwing snowballs at Santa Claus. These writers are not alone, with plenty of casual sports fans and college football fans joining them in their blinded support of seeing Penn State football obliterated from the college football map.

But if you think that Penn State should receive harsh sanctions from Penn State, think again. Not even Gregg Doyel agrees with you, and if that does not get you to reconsider your stance then there is no hope. Doyel is an opinionated columnist for who knows how to ruffle feathers among sports fans, and perhaps that is what he intends to do in defending Penn State here, but this seems different. Doyel is one who is quick to share his hate. He wrote a reactionary column to the Bobby Petrino cover up that was more of a complaint because it interfered with his vacation. This is just what Doyel does, but when he makes concrete points that actually make sense, he does so in good fashion.

Doyel's latest column echoes the theme I laid out on Saturday on how the NCAA has no legitimate case against Penn State. Make no mistake about it. What happened under the watchful eye of Penn State's superiors was heinous and tragic, but those who played a guilty role will be handled appropriately through the legal system and Penn State will pay for the actions and inaction of their staff financially. When all is said and done, the NCAA will have little bearing on what happens after that, and this is not their place to ultimately dole out sanctions. Will the NCAA investigate and learn all they can? Absolutely, as they should. Anything learned by the NCAA will only benefit every program ruled by the NCAA as policies and procedures will be improved because of it.

John shared some leftover thoughts and reactions to the Sandusky verdict yesterday.

Class of 2013 quarterback Christian Hackenberg was impressive at the Rivals 100 Five-Star Challenge over the weekend.

The folks over at Black Shoe Diaries are placing heads on Nittany Mountain.

Victory Bell Rings wraps up the week in Penn State recruiting.

In Scores of Other Games...

Today is the day the BCS Presidential Oversight Committee will listen to a four-hour presentation from the commissioners. It is expected the presidents will approve the four-team playoff model and that would begin in 2014. Here are a few things to remember with the new postseason format likely to be instituted:

  • National semifinal games will be played on New Year's Day (and possibly New Year's Eve) and rotate between the existing BCS bowls, with an extra one or two thrown in the rotation (Cotton Bowl a most likely addition).
  • The championship game would likely be played seven-ten days after the semifinal games at a location to be determined through a bidding process. Dallas, Jacksonville and Tampa are already organizing bods for the first championship game.
  • A selection committee is expected to be used to determine which four teams will compete. The size of the committee, as well as who would be included, is not known at this time.
  • Bidders for television rights will make their pitches once a deal is finalized. ESPN will get exclusive first dibs as the current rights holder for the BCS.

The Rose Bowl will remain on January 1 in its traditional time slot (All Hail Tradition!). A New TV deal for the Rose Bowl is expected to be signed this week and could run through 2026.

The Citrus Bowl is prepared to go under a $175 million renovation starting in 2014, which means Orlando is hoping to have what it takes to be considered for a national semifinal game (or championship game) under college football's impending four-team playoff mix. Penn State fans are familiar with the state of the aging stadium after playing on one of the worst playing surfaces in college football history, defeating LSU in the 2010 Capital One Bowl.

The Citrus Bowl has been lined up for renovations before but funding disappeared. There's still time for the same fate to happen of course, but the possibility of hosting a higher profile game should help this project actually become reality.

Black Shoe Diaries takes a weekly look at recruiting around the Big Ten. Michigan is still leading the way.

Big Ten teams often get picked on for playing a weak non-conference schedule, but Bruce Feldman only lists Indiana in his top ten easiest non-conference schedules, and do the Hoosiers really count? For what it is worth, three SEC schools and three Big 12 teams are included in the list.

The odds are pretty good if you are reading this you either own or know somebody who owns one of the Coca-Cola national championship bottles honoring one of Penn State's national championships. Well, Georgia Tech had one for their 1990 national championship as well.

Coke bottles are nice, but Nebraska had a breakfast cereal.

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