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Penn State News Round-Up: Brandon Bell, Alex Anzalone, Recruiting, Michigan and More

Penn State fans are welcoming New Jersey linebacker to the pack this morning. Brandon Bell has declared his intention to attend Penn State next year, with the news first reported by Lions247 over night. The consensus three star linebacker is the first in Bill O'Brien's Class of 2013 from the key position, which was needed after recruiting just one linebacker in this year's class.

Video of Bell at work. Reaction from our friends at Black Shoe Diaries.

Another potential linebacker recruit, Wyomissing's Alex Anzalone, has a second trip to Penn State scheduled for later this month, according to Victory Bell Ring's Tim Tolley over on

Hopefully by now you have read former Penn State linebacker LaVar Arrington's public apology to Victim 4. Yesteray I wrote that Arrington had no need to apologize, but I appreciated the fact that he showed more compassion than some who should have apologized and done more (Legal Disclaimer: Under the assumption that all legal charges are legit and testimony in court is truthful). Audrey Snyder brought up a valid point in the discussion though, questioning if Arrington showed the same compassion in speaking in support of Joe Paterno. Feel free to continue that discussion in the comments section.'s Big Ten blogging duo named Penn State wide receiver Justin Brown to be one of the top five receivers in the Big Ten in 2012. He has that sort of potential, if he can hang on to the football. Fans can vote for the top receiver in a poll, and as of this writing the leader in the voting is (I can't make this up) "Unnamed Receiver."

The folks at Black Heart Gold Pants revisited Penn State's hypothetical Nike Pro Combat uniforms.

In Scores of Other Games...

The Buckeye Battle Cry looks back at former Ohio State head coach Earl Bruce.

Rich Rodriguez defensive strategies at work.

Pac 12 Network(s) promo video confirms initial air date. Will be available nationally, depending on your service provider. If you thought getting the Big Ten Network available in your area, I can only imagine the issues in getting the Pac 12 Network.

Arkansas has some new uniforms from Nike, and they aren't all that bad.

Remember when the Big Ten would have preferred to go with the status quo for college football's postseason? Not happening.

Jerry Sandusky Trial Updates

Yesterday was a frustrating day for the defense of Jerry Sandusky. Legal experts continue to praise the prosecution for their swiftness in the case and some wonder when the defense will raise a white flag.

The defensive strategy was supposed to aim at breaking apart the testimony of former Penn State quarterback turned graduate assistant (and later assistant coach) Mike McQueary. When his father, John, failed to recall attending the preliminary hearings for Gary Schultz and Tim Curley, that method was ruined. John McQueary, in fact, not only attended the preliminary hearings in Harrisburg, but testified at length. You can see why the defense would have been flustered with this development, and quite honestly I don't blame them on this account.

the defense also was not happy when the judge said he will allow hearsay evidence from a janitor to be admitted and when a controversial portion of Sandusky's interview with NBC's Bob Costas was played twice. The audio of the Costas interview was edited to repeat the most notable portion of the nine-minute television interview, when Costas asked Sandusky if he was sexually attracted to young boys. The move by the prosecution comes off as a bit manipulative, some will call it a bush-league tactic.

But the most disturbing news from day three of the trial came when Victim 10 stated that Sandusky threatened he would never see his family again if he told anyone about what was allegedly taking place in the basement of the Sandusky home. The detailed testimony of the witnesses already called to the stand this week is piling up and will continue on Thursday when more are expected to be called to testify. According to CNN producer Ross Levitt, one of the people you should be following during the trial, the prosecution expects to wrap up their case by Friday as the trial continues to fly by.

The town of Sandusky, Ohio is finding itself unable to use a Twitter hashtag for their own town during the course of the Jerry Sandusky trial.

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