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Penn State Fight: Curtis Drake Reportedly Knocks Out Matt McGloin

You really feel for the various members of Penn State’s football team that have had to suffer what they have suffered this season. It’s not their fault that their school allegedly harbored and protected a child molester. It’s not their fault that the high-ups at the university put winning football games and maintaining an undeserved pristine reputation over the wellbeing of kids. And it’s certainly not their fault that in response to Joe Paterno rightfully being forced out of his job, tons of likely-inebriated and undoubtedly dumb kids marched in protest for reasons nobody even to this day fully understands.

Despite the fact that the players on this year’s team got lured in under false pretenses (does anyone actually think they’d come to this school had they known what it was allegedly responsible for?), they are the ones who have had to deal with the consequences. Non-stop media scrutiny, the unfortunate drama, and the condemnation of everything related to Nittany Lions football are just a few of the things that these players have to put up with.

And on Saturday, things reportedly went from bad to worse.

According to multiple reports, quarterback Matt McGloin and wide receiver Curtis Drake got into a fight after Saturday's practice. The fight ended, apparently, with McGloin getting put on the mat for the 10-count.

Here was Penn State Rivals reporter Nate Bauer’s take (via Larry Brown Sports):

“Drake/McGloin jawing in practice, Drake initiates making amends in locker room, McGloin takes exception…McGloin punch/shove (unclear), Drake takes him to floor, pop to the chin, McGloin ‘lights out.’”

And then here was Penn State reporter Ben Jones’ take (via CBS Sports):

"I can confirm that Penn State quarterback Matt McGloin was knocked out after practice today during a fight. More to come."

Finally, here is Penn State acknowledging that something took place via an official statement:

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Penn State Police were called to the football locker room this afternoon to investigate a report of a fight between two members of the Nittany Lions football team -- Matt McGloin and Curtis Drake -- after they finished practice.

McGloin was taken to Mount Nittany Medical Center where he was examined, treated and released.

Campus police and Penn State's Office of Student Conduct will investigate the incident and report results as they would for any other student involved in an incident on campus.

Tough times at Happy Valley these days, no doubt about it.

(Kudos to Larry Brown Sports and CBS Sports for the find)

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