Paulina Gretzky, Wayne Gretzky’s Daughter, Shares Another Racy, Half-Naked Photo


Paulina Gretzky, Wayne Gretzky’s 23-year-old daughter, loves posting pictures of herself on the internet.

Sometimes these pictures are racy, but other times they’re just really, really, really, really racy. An example of the latter would probably be this. An example of the former would probably be the photo she uploaded via Instagram today.

You see, Paulina is currently on a movie set preparing to film a horrible sequel to one of Adam Sandler’s awful movies. Naturally she has a lot of downtime because, as we all know, she’s not a real actress. And when you have a lot of downtime, you have the freedom to take photos like this:

Nice, right?

Well, just a reminder for all you 20-year-old dudes ogling this girl’s photos: one day you might have a daughter, too.

And while it’s great when some strange hot blonde you don’t know is always taking her clothes off for the cameras, this guy probably doesn’t think it’s all that great:

Image placeholder title

Kids are the worst.

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