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Paul Ryan Attends Browns Practice, Mistakes Colt McCoy for Brandon Weeden

Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan has committed a number of unforced errors over the past few months. His fake marathon story. His series of lies at the Republican National Convention. His refusal to own being the Republicans’ Numbers Guy and offer any specifics whatsoever regarding his ticket’s economic plan. If you’re looking for political missteps by the Wisconsin congressman, you don’t have to look particularly hard.

All of that said: this is his first time on the national stage. If you accept the general premise that all politicians are lying, sleazy weasels who will say whatever is necessary to steal your vote (which they are), it’s hard to find fault with a guy who simply hasn’t learned to lie as well as his counterparts yet. Give him time. He’s still young.

Ryan’s latest mistake on the campaign trail came in the company of people who are all too familiar with underperforming: the Cleveland Browns.   

Via the Plain Dealer:

While addressing players, Ryan praised Weeden, whom he recalled watching play for Oklahoma State, according to a pool report.

The only problem: The Wisconsin congressman was pointing to McCoy.

Ryan pleaded for mercy when he realized his mistake.

"You always had your helmet on," he said of the redheaded Weeden.

That’s a plausible excuse. Besides, who really watches Browns games? This is a 1-5 team who will likely finish with -- at most -- three victories on the year. They’re terrible as it pertains to just about every football category ever. Sure, they’re going to shed a lot of Mike Holmgren-shaped dead weight soon, but that won’t make them any less awful. This team sucks, and will continue to suck for the foreseeable future.

So again, you can’t blame the congressman for not knowing who Weeden is. He didn’t go to practice looking to court the elderly vote. The only reason he was even there is because both campaigns are trying their damndest to suck up to every single human being who has ever breathed Ohio oxygen. That's it. He doesn't care about the Browns. Nobody cares about the Browns.

If you want to see a truly shameful sports-related display by Ryan, check out how he weighed in on next month’s Wisconsin versus Ohio State showdown.

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How embarrassing. He was born in Janesville, Wisconsin. He's a Wisconsin congressman. Show some loyalty, dude.

(Kudos Cleveland Plain Dealer)

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