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Paul Pierce Asked To Guard LeBron James Yesterday

You got what you asked for, Paul Pierce.

The Nets veteran guard proudly announced before last night’s game against the Heat that he would be guarding LeBron James in Game 4. Pierce told reporters recently that he’d asked Jason Kidd if he could be LeBron’s primary defender during the series, and Kidd obliged. 

But as Pierce proved to everyone who tuned into last night’s game, this isn’t 2010. Pierce may still have the heart of a lion, but that heart is paired with the legs of a 36-year-old player on the tail end of his career. When you put someone like that up against the best player in the world (Durant included) in a huge playoff game, this is what you get.

LeBron dominated not just Pierce but the entire Nets team last night. This was one of those performances where it was clear that despite playing against some of the best players on the planet, LeBron was simply on a different level than his competition. He looked like he was playing against high school kids, and there was really nothing the Nets could do about it.

"He's a great player," Pierce said after the game. "You can't take nothing away from him. He stepped up when his team needed him to."

In case you missed it, here is every point from LeBron’s ridiculous 49-point performance last night:


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