Pacers' Paul George Flaunts Wealth

One of the biggest changes for NBA rookies as they transition from college to professional basketball is certainly the wealth they quickly amass. With that new-found wealth comes extravagant purchases, fancy meals, and the ability to help struggling family and friends. In addition to their own hard earned money, NBA rookies also find themselves the recipients of gifts from various entities, including clothing companies, restaurants, clubs, and yes, even their very own team.

Paul George recently tweeted out one of his many new perks as a professional basketball player in the NBA. He fanned out his per diem given by the Pacers that looks to be nearly $800. It must be nice to not only be playing professional basketball and making millions of dollars, but also receiving a per diem that’s more than most people make in a couple weeks of work.

I thought I was cool when I would get some spending money on a high school field trip. We would get $10, $15 if we were lucky. I could only imagine what kind of activities I would have gotten myself into if I was rolling with that kind of serious dough. George explains “Work hard at what you do!”  I definitely agree and if I ever start getting that much money per day, I’d probably take pictures of it too.

Congratulations Paul, you earned it.


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