Paul George Is Already Back Knocking Down Jumpers (Video)


Just two and a half months after suffering one of the most gruesome leg injuries in recent memory, Pacers star Paul George is back on the court.

Vigilant Sports’ Paul Agness posted video last night of George sinking jumpers at the Indiana Pacers practice facility. George doesn’t elevate much during the shootaround, but it’s incredibly impressive nonetheless to see him shooting just a couple months removed from such a horrific injury.

Paul said last month that he hopes to suit up and pay for the Pacers at some point this season. Realistically, that will only happen if the Pacers make the playoffs. Realistically, that’s not happening. (Sorry Indy fans).

Pacers coach Frank Vogel is eager to get his best player back on the court

"I keep telling [Paul] if he's not playing by Halloween, then he's milking it," Vogel joked.

Seriously though, this video is pretty incredible. If you saw footage of his injury, do yourself the displeasure of replaying it in your head for a moment. Now, wrap your head around the fact that less than three months later, he’s doing this:

Source: Vigilant Sports


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