Paul Daley isn't Very Impressed with Ben Askren

Paul Daley (30-12-2) feels that Ben Askren (10-0) doesn't live up to the hype to be called Bellator's Welterweight Champion due to his lack of offense in fights.

"As champion, you should want to prove you are the champion and try to destroy your opponent," said Daley to MMA Fighting. "I don't think he has that ability or intention. I don't think he has it in him to finish. For the past two years we've heard about him working on his striking, but we've seen zero to none of it. I don't know if he's lacking in confidence or he's not a real fighter or what."

While Daley thinks Askren may be able to wrestle, he doesn't see him as a great striker and has been lucky since winning the title in 2010. He has successfully defended the championship twice, with the last one taking place in April of this year.

"Some people just ain't fighters," said Daley. "I think he's a great wrestler. No doubt he is. But I don't think he's a great fighter. If push comes to shove and he's put in a fight, he won't win. He's fortunate his wrestling carried him this far. Put him in a real fight and we'll see. Maybe he can have his shot stuffed, be elbowed and bleeding and grit out a win, and then I'll give him his props. But from what I see so far, I think he's bluffing."

Delay, who is 1-1 for Bellator, last won in July and his next fight is not known.

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