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MMA: Paul Daley Doesn't Make Weight…Yet Again

As the great Michael David Smith reported this afternoon exiled former UFC fighter turned Strikeforce welterweight contender Paul Daley has failed to make weight for his scheduled Saturday night bout in his native England.  The bout, which was to have been for the British Association of Mixed Martial Arts welterweight tile, had a strict contract weight of 170 lbs.  Daley came in at 172 and as is apparently becoming customary with him, cited the lack of access to a sauna for his failure to make weight.  His scheduled bout against Yuya Shirai will still go on as scheduled but will not be for the BAMMA title.

As Smith pointed out in his post, this would mark the fifth time that Daley has failed to make weight for a scheduled fight.  This shows an incredible disregard to not only his opponent, but to the organization paying him to fight, the fans paying to see him fight, and the sport of mixed martial arts as a whole.  Daley’s inability to make weight on numerous occasions speaks to his mentality as a fighter.  To put it bluntly, Daley simply doesn’t give a f**k. 

Of course, we should have known that already given the antics he pulled at UFC 113 when he tried to punch Josh Koscheck following their fight.  Daley’s apparently lack of respect for the rules of the sport and for that of his opponents glares bright. 

Daley is an incredible talent, but sooner or later he needs to grow up and become a real fighter. 


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