Patriots' Rob Gronkowski Not Letting Injury Slow Him Down


Despite injuring his ankle in the playoffs, Rob Gronkowski still gutted it out and played in the Super Bowl. His team needed him and he was there for them just as he was for Jason Taylor at his ninth annual Celebrity Golf Classic that benefitted the Jason Taylor Foundation.

“It’s just such an honor to be a part of it, his foundation is just unbelievable, what it does for the kids,” Gronkowski told Joy Taylor, the newest member of Class Act Sports.

Taylor created the foundation in 2004, to help children in need with scholarships and grants towards education and health care.

Since Gronkowski couldn’t golf, he had to serve as coach from the golf cart.

“Just elevating my foot. The No. 1 coach in the world right now. Tiger [Woods] called me up to be his caddy because I am so good out here. I’m telling my brother where to shoot, I got the yard marker right here telling him what clubs to use. I am just destroying it out here. I think we are in first place right now,” he said.

When Joy Taylor asked how well his teammates were scoring, Gronkowski joked.

“We’re in the negatives so we are doing better than what you can possibly be doing,” Gronkowski told Class Act Sports.

Rob Gronkowski set numerous NFL records during the regular season and finished the year as an All-Pro, with 17 touchdowns and 1,327 receiving yards- both NFL records for tight ends. No wonder why he’s focused on getting healthy and back on the football field.

 “You gotta get one hundred percent. That’s why I am relaxing out here on the course. Just enjoying the time watching everyone else and talking and getting healthy at the same time while enjoying myself, so that’s pretty cool,” he said.

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