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Patriots QB Tom Brady is Still Extremely Underrated

Three Super Bowl rings. A 17-6 postseason record. Seven AFC championship appearances over the last 12 years. Two Super Bowl MVP’s.

The list goes on and on.

Yet somehow Tom Brady’s postseason accomplishments still go, to a certain extent, underappreciated. Let’s go and look at a few of the categories in which Brady is either 1st or tied for 1st in the postseason:

  • Most games
  • Most completions
  • Most wins (17)
  • Best winning percentage (more than 12 games)
  • Most game-winning drives (7)
  • Best single game completion percentage (92.8%)
  • Tied for most touchdowns in a game

Not to mention the fact that Brady has only missed the playoffs once in his entire career as a starter. Now some people like to give credit to the New England defense or Bill Belichick--which is understandable.

However, the stats don’t lie.

The Patriots have consistently averaged over 25 points in the playoffs with Brady at the helm. Also, eight of Brady’s 17 wins have come when his defense has given up 20+ points, which shows he hasn’t exactly always had a top tier defense.

Furthermore, Bill Belichick is 41-57 without Tom Brady. Without Brady, Belichick has only made the playoffs once in 8 years and is 1-1 in the playoffs. With Brady, Belichick has only missed the playoffs once in 11 years and holds a 17-6 postseason record.

Yet despite all of these records and accomplishments, somehow Brady goes underappreciated because the Patriots have lost their last two super bowls. For some reason Brady gets punished for the fact that a lot of his success came early in his career and that he hasn’t quite kept up the same level of dominance.

Now the Patriots have rolled into the AFC championship game with another underachieving defense (last year the Patriots were at the bottom of the league in defense and Brady led them to the Super Bowl) and two games now stand between Brady and that elusive 4th ring which would tie him with Joe Montana and really cement his place in history.

Bottom line: Brady still holds the majority of the records in the postseason and could hold practically all of them by the end of this postseason if they win their next two games. If Brady loses, though, it is practically guaranteed that critics will come out of the woodwork and try to undermine Brady’s accomplishments.

If you think about it though, this year can only elevate Brady’s postseason reputation, because in the end, the stats—3 Super Bowl rings, a 17-6 postseason record, 7 AFC championship appearances over the last 12 years and 2 Super Bowl MVP’s—will always be there.

And the stats don’t lie.

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