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Patriots Embarrass the Jets on Thanksgiving Day

I had the interesting experience of attending an NFL Thanksgiving Day game yesterday. I’ve never done that before. Unfortunately, it was the Patriots vs. Jets game… As you know by now I’m a lifelong Jets fan (hey, everyone has their faults) but even Patriots fans were asking for their money back as 30% into the game they quickly became bored and disinterested.

A performance like that on national TV is the type of thing where someone looses their job. A coach, player, someone in the front office; someone has to go and an example has to be set stating that this type of play can’t be tolerated. Even the NFL has to be pissed. Advertisers paid hefty sums of money to put their ads on a nationally televised game that had no one watching the second half.

As the 4th quarter started former, friend of RotoExperts, former NY Giants’ OLB linebacker Byron Hunt, who had one of the most famous interceptions in NY Giants history propelling them into the playoffs for the first time in 20-years, texted me, “Not fighting. Just taking an ass whipping at home. Sad.” I thought it was interesting that a former NFL athlete viewed it that way. Telling…

There’s no point in rehashing the comical contents of the game itself, although I must say that Mark Sanchez’ fumble caused by running into guard Brandon Moore’s ass had to be one of the all-time football bloopers. There were however some other telling things that happened at the stadium that were noteworthy…

Jets’ ILB Bart Scott chasing Patriots RB Shane Vereen 83-yards down the field was an amusing effort to watch. Last week I wrote about why Scott should not longer be playing for the Jets (or any team really), and this play says all you need to know about Scott’s ability to play the position at this stage in his career.

I truly think the Jets organization from top to bottom doesn’t see how the rest of the world looks at them. Down 35-3 the Jets were awarded a 2-point safety because there was a chop block on the Pats running back in the endzone. The Jets stadium personnel proceeded to set off fireworks in celebration of the event. They did it again when it appeared the Jets had scored a TD later in the game, but the play was ruled an incomplete pass… DOH!

If you have NFL rewind you’re in for a treat. Referee Mike Carey became so disinterested in the contest that coming out of the two-minute warning, he did not even let the Jets cheerleaders finish their routine in the endzone just a few yards away. Take a look coming out of the two minute TV timeout as Ryan Mallet takes the snap, kneels down and then is bewildered as he turns to hand the ball to Carey and sees that there are a bunch of cheerleaders dancing in the endzone just a few yards away…

Random Musings

Rumor has it that New York Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum was seen shopping at Walmart circa 1am on Black Friday just after the Thanksgiving Day Massacre. If you think about it, the list of items he may have been looking for a deal on could be quite comical…

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