Patrick Cote Explains How to Get a Second Chance from UFC

Patrick Cote was once a No. 1 contender in the UFC's middleweight division. He received his shot at Anderson Silva's crown, and had the dream of being champion crushed when his knee went out on him in the third round.

Following the loss, Cote dropped two more fights inside the Octagon and was released. However, since that time, "The Predator" has won three straight and is looking for another opportunity with the UFC.

But, don't expect to hear Cote take to social media or interviews asking for a second chance in the UFC. No, that's not his way of going about business.

"The only thing you have to do is shut your mouth, win fights, and prove you deserve to be back in the big show by winning fights and by your performance," said Cote, on a recent edition of MMA Weekly Radio. "It's the only way to get back. You have to prove yourself again to deserve the chance to get back in the big show; that's what I'm doing."

Cote spoke out against Tim Sylvia, who has been pushing for a return to the UFC. Cote wrote on his Twitter page recently, "Dear Tim Sylvia, shut the hell up, win fights and stop begging, it's (expletive) annoying!" UFC president Dana White has stated that he will not bring Sylvia back.

"Maybe that was a little bit out of control because that wasn't a personal attack to Tim Sylvia, but that was just begging to have a chance to get back to the UFC, for me, it's just a shame," Cote said. "You can't beg the big organizations like that."

Cote will meet Gustavo Machado this weekend at a card in Brazil.

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