Penn State's Joe Paterno to Return in 2011


It seems that for about the last 10 years, everyone has speculated about when Penn State head coach Joe Paterno would retire. Surely, at 112 years old, he can’t go another year, can he?

Well, he always has, and it looks like he’s going to come back next year as well, according to JoePa himself.

I’m looking forward to it. … We’ve struggled a little bit this year, the youth and the injuries and the whole bit,” Paterno said Tuesday. “But I think with a good spring and preseason practice … We’re going to be a good football team, and I’d like to (be) part of it.”

Paterno would be entering the last year of his contract, but one would have to think that as long as he wants to be at Penn St., he’ll be at Penn St.

“He’s still vocal and energetic on the field,” linebacker Chris Colasanti said. “He still loves to come out and coach, be vocal. … He has fun with it, we see that and we feed off of that.”

The only concern we’ve ever had about how long Paterno stays is if/when it affects recruiting. If PSU starts to lose out on top talent because they feel like Paterno will leave during their tenure there, then he might have to do the school a favor and step down so they can just move on. Doesn’t seem to be an issue so far though.


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