Pat Sundvall Opens Up About Situation with 'King Mo' Lawal


Last week, former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal stepped in front of the Nevada State Athletic Commission and pleaded his case in a positive steroid test. The next 12 hours or so became a whirlwind around the MMA community, as Lawal was suspended and fined by NSAC, and released by Zuffa.

Now, Pat Sundvall, who was in charge of the court hearing, explained her line of questioning that upset Lawal so much on a recent edition of HDNet's Inside MMA. Lawal was upset when Sundvall asked him if he understood the English language in regards to why he took something that he didn't know what it was, resulting in the positive drug test.

"What I was doing was laying the classic or standard foundation for the gentleman to make sure that he understood the form that he was signing, that it was designed to be a truthful statement and that the information he was supposed to put on the form was supposed to be true and correct," said Sundvall (thanks to for transcribing). "From my perspective, I've used that standard line of questioning for each and every athlete that has come before us."

Sundvall added that they do have athletes that do not understand English when they come before them, saying, "What we try to do is to ensure that, if we're going to be taking that into account, that they do understand what it is that they're signing and they have read it."

While Lawal has not reached out to talk to Sundvall one-on-one, he did issue an apology to her. Sundvall said she would be welcome to talking with Lawal on the matter if he wanted to discuss it further.

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