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Pat Riley Fires Shots at All LeBron, Bosh and Heat Haters

By Alex Groberman

It appears as though LeBron James isn’t the only one keeping a mental list of shots fired against the new-look Miami Heat.

In his first major public session with reporters since the Heat blew the doors off NBA Free Agency 2010 and acquired James and Chris Bosh to play beside Dwyane Wade, the Hall of Fame coach had some choice words for his critics. In Riley’s mind, everyone who has a problem with how the Heat conducted business this summer needs to “get a life.”

Riley wasn’t done with the general statement though. Rather, he left no ambiguity regarding who he was talking to.

His first target was the Orlando Magic general manager Otis Smith. The day after Miami signed James to his contract, Smith came out and said that he always figured James was “more of a competitor” than that.

Riley’s response: "An absolutely stupid remark. He never made any kind of comment like that when he signed Rashard Lewis and he brought him down from Seattle with an $128 million contract."

Even the often-outspoken Barkley had a few shots sent his way. After the Heat made their moves, Barkley publicly came out and said James made a “punk move” and would “never” be the guy in Miami.

"Charles Barkley to me went way over the top," noted Riley. "I think Charles is probably the only guy in the league that gets away with what he gets away with. Calling these guys a bunch of punks is a personal attack. LeBron isn't that, Dwyane is not, and neither in Chris.”

Riley even stopped along the way to make sure that his old employee, Stan Van Gundy, who called Bosh a “lapdog” felt his wrath...

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