Pat Miletich on Tim Sylvia: He's the Poster Child for Over-Achievement

The first ever UFC Welterweight Champion Pat Miletich (29-7-2) didn't see much in Tim Sylvia (31-7-1 NC) while training with him, but his MMA success proved otherwise.

"I'll tell you what, of all guys on the planet who were not physically gifted by God...that guy was great," said Miletich on The Bloody Elbow. "When Tim was training with us, when he moved out from Maine, I would watch him try to jump rope, and he'd literally almost break down in tears because he couldn't do it."

His persistence in the end worked, as Sylvia would become a two time UFC World Heavyweight Champion.

"I would say that Tim is the poster child for over-achievement," said Miletich. "If there's anybody out there that doubts themselves, take a look at the belief that Tim Sylvia had in himself. He won a world title, and that's pretty impressive."

In his last fight, on August 31, Sylvia and Andrei Arlovski (17-9-1 NC) fought to a no contest in their fourth fight at ONE FC. A fifth match has been discussed.

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