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Pat Barry Wasn't Sure About The Ultimate 16 Finale's Status After Sandy Hook

The UFC made history this year when they canceled their first PPV since being purchased by Zuffa. After the horrific events at Sandy Hook Elementary, Pat Barry (8-5) would have understood if the UFC decided to not move forward with The Ultimate 16 Finale that was the next day. Ultimately, the show went on.

"I remember I started getting messages from people," said Barry on The MMA Hour. "Somebody tweeted the UFC should cancel the event in light of the incident. When I read that I went, 'yeah, that would be cool.'"

After Barry won, he cut an emotional post-fight interview where he spoke about how he was going home and would hug his children a little tighter. Barry admitted not wanting to be blamed for a possible cancellation and that the UFC needed to do what they thought was best.

Barry defeated Shane del Rosario (11-2) early in the second round after knocking him off his feet. After the fight, Barry said he was taking a vacation with his family.

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