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This Parody Mock Draft Will Probably End Up Being Accurate

The basketball media world is buzzing with pre-draft articles and predictions leading up to tonight’s NBA draft. Will Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins go first overall? How far will Joel Embiid fall? Where will Shabazz Napier end up? All of these questions will be answered in a few hours.

But perhaps you’re busy tonight or, more likely, don’t feel like sitting around watching grown men pose for pictures on stage for three hours. In that case, we’ve got you covered.

Jared Dubin put out a wonderfully sarcastic mock draft yesterday that could actually prove to be pretty accurate. Who goes first overall in his draft? "The wrong guy." If you know anything about Cavs basketball, or Cleveland sports in general, you know that’s probably going to be true. 

Other notable selections include a "guy Kobe hates" to the Lakers at seven and a "Euro stash guy" to Oklahoma City at 29 – pretty funny stuff:

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