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Parker Admits He Is Nervous About His Ankle Heading Into Game 1

San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker confirmed today that he will be on the court for Game 1 on Thursday. However, just because he’ll be on the court does not mean that rickety left ankle of his won’t be on his mind.

When asked if he fears the injury could flare up and get worse throughout the series, Parker admitted he is a bit nervous about it. 

"A little bit, a little bit," Parker said, "because you never know how it's going to feel. But I'm trying to be very positive, trying to do everything I can: eat healthy, get my rest, do all the treatment.”

Parker then told reporters that between his time with the Spurs and the French national team, he has been playing basketball nonstop for the last four years.

"I just trust my body,” he said. “I've been playing for four years nonstop, since 2010, no vacation, made three conference finals, made two finals with the national team so we always go all the way. But I'm very proud, my body, and yes, I had little stuff, wear and tear, but I'm still here and I trust my body to hold up."

Despite the injuries, coach Gregg Popovich says he has no concerns about Parker’s durability and that he thinks the star point guard will be “fine" going forward. Typical Pop answer.

Sources: CBS Sports


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