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Panthers Might Surprise the Falcons this Week

The Atlanta Falcons have been idle since this past Thursday when they beat their rival New Orleans Saints at the Georgia Dome. Now the Falcons look to Sunday and towards their match-up against the 3-9 Carolina Panthers. The Panthers have lost two of their last three but have kept the losses close as they lost by six points on both occasions.

Now that all hope is lost for Carolina, at least in terms of the playoffs, coach Ron Rivera says that younger players will be playing more. The Kansas City Star took a look at some of these players that include former Arkansas Razorbacks WR Joe Adams and four players on the defensive side of the football.

This game really reeks of the classic trap game. One team has the best record in the league and the other has won just a third of their games and has been eliminated from the playoffs. The game is on the road and is a re-match from earlier in the season when the Falcons won by only two points at home.

The Falcons have owned this series recently winning five straight but as we know (see also: Falcons/Saints) past success doesn't always predict future success. On paper, this looks like a mismatch but it's one in which the Falcons need to come to play with the right mind-set and put away the Panthers early.

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