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NFL: Carson Palmer Demands Trade from Cincinnati?

With Carson Palmer’s play declining recently in Cincinnati, it was thought by many that the Bengals could be done with their quarterback. Well, according to a new report, it’s possible that Palmer could be done with the Bengals.

According to ESPN‘s Chris Mortensen, Palmer plans to ask the Bengals to trade him. And if not, he could pull the retirement card.

Mort mentioned the Cardinals, Seahawks and 49ers and possibly landing spots, but there are a lot of teams out there that would be interested in Palmer’s services. What about the Dolphins, Bills, Titans, Raiders, Redskins (this is assuming they move on from Donovan McNabb), Vikings and Panthers?

This isn’t shocking that Palmer wants out of Cincinnati. He’s surely seen enough of how that team operates to know that they probably just won’t ever get it together. He’s probably done with Chad OchoCinco. He’s probably done with Marvin Lewis. He’s almost surely done with Mike Brown.

Then again, he isn’t exactly playing at a high level these days and is a big reason the Bengals stunk up the joint in 2010. Still, many teams would probably love to have him. Pretty confident the Dolphins would give up a second-round pick.


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