Pacquiao’s Revenge: Khan Accuses Floyd Mayweather of PED Abuse


What goes around comes back around.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his family have made performance-enhancing drug (PED) accusations something of an art form. Their innate ability to hijack any interview and turn it into a Scooby Doo investigation on who is or isn’t juicing it up in boxing is an unparallel talent others have tried to replicate, but nobody has ever quite duplicated.

During a recent interview with Chris Robinson of the Las Vegas Boxing Examiner, the ever-outspoken Roger Mayweather (Floyd Jr.’s uncle) made it a point to accuse Amir Khan of abusing PEDs, an accusation that Mayweather and his kin traditionally opted to only reserve for Manny Pacquiao. What exactly did Dr. Mayweather base this scientific observation on? He didn’t say. He just knows, you know?

When the comments were passed down to Khan, the ex-brawler was understandably peeved. Keep in mind, this is a guy that Mayweather allegedly wanted to fight at some point in the near future, so obviously all of this nonsensical PED stuff is a completely whimsical accusation that Roger made in the heat of the moment for no apparent reason.

Nevertheless, instead of turning to pointless lawsuits like Pacquiao did when faced with a similar dilemma, Khan opted to take the much funnier route of turning the tables on Mayweather and Co. Here is what he said, via The Daily Mail:

“Don’t forget that I came through the Olympics (in 2004) where testing is very thorough. I’ve never refused the test, even though I could have done so when I received an unannounced knock on the door a month after my last fight against Paul McCloskey.

“It’s not for me to say but quite a few people over here wondered if Floyd was on something when he fought Oscar De La Hoya because he suddenly looked so much bigger.”

Excellent, excellent comeback. Instead of getting hissy about dumb accusations from the least relevant and most useless Mayweather around -- Khan got even. By throwing a PED accusation of his own out there -- regardless of whether Khan really believes it or not -- Khan has given Floyd Jr. a taste of his own medicine and, hopefully, shut the undefeated boxer’s annoying uncle up for good.


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