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Round-by-Round Analysis of How Manny Pacquiao Beat Shane Mosley

Even with a cramp in his leg at or about the fourth round of the fight, Manny Pacquiao was still able to defend his WBO Welterweight title, and it was by a unanimous decision. 

What message does this send to all who want to fight him?   It says that he comes into the ring in extraordinary shape.  It says that he never takes his opponents for granted and he comes to fight, not to survive for nine out of twelve rounds.  And that is exactly what Mosley did.  After Mosley got caught with a lightning left hook by Pacquiao in the third round, he quickly understood the power, not to mention the speed of the greatest fighter on the planet. 

Granted defense is part of the sweet science, but what fight fans saw on Saturday was an aged fighter wanting to go the distance.  Don’t get me wrong, Mosley is a great fighter but his age showed throughout the fight.  He has a great jab but he did not want to take the chance of going for the knockout in fear of getting knocked out himself. 

The following is a quicksnap of the fight round by round:

1st Round -
Pacquiao started out by moving forward against Mosley and quickly throwing his jab.  Mosley then snapped his own stiff jab and stood his ground.  Both fighters were getting in good jabs and closely measuring each other out.  Mosley got in a good punch, but Pacquiao landed more jabs and combinations.

2nd Round -
Pacquiao began to land several good combinations that had Mosley on the defensive.  Then an accidental headbutt of both fighters, but no cuts.  Ten seconds left in the round and Pacquiao gets in another good combination on Mosley.  Round ends and Mosley apologizes for headbutt.

3rd Round -
Things start to heat up and Mosley catches Pacquiao with a good punch.  Seconds later, Pacquiao connects with a good combination and then follows up with a lightning left hook and Mosley goes down to the canvas.  Mosley quickly goes on the defensive after being rocked.  Pacquiao quickly lands a good right and left to the head of Mosley and he survives the round. 

4th Round –
Pacquiao quickly comes out and lands a good combination.  Mosley slips to the canvas.  Pacquiao begins to put pressure on Mosley, then Mosley gets in a good right.  Pacquiao continues to land his jabs and with thirty nine seconds left in the round, Pacquiao lands another combination.  Mosley goes on the defensive as Pacquiao continually follows him around the ring until the bell.

5th Round –
Pacquiao continues to move forward and then throws a wild overhand right.  Mosley is very cautious going backward and tries to land some jabs.  Thirty seconds to end of round and Pacquiao lands his jab and Mosley goes on the defensive until end of round.

6th Round –
Mosley lands a stiff jab to the face of Pacquiao and he quickly counters.  Pacquiao attempts several long swinging rights to the head of Mosley.  Then follows up with a good combination, and Mosley stays on the defensive.  At the end of round Pacquiao connects with a good right to the head of Mosley and Mosley gets in his own counter punch.

7th Round -
Before the beginning of the round, Mosley’s corner is telling him to “settle down”, because they know their fighter is starting to be overwhelmed.  Pacquiao continues to come forward and in the middle of the round, Pacquiao lands a good combination and several other punches.  The crowd begins to boo as Mosley goes into survival mode.

8th Round -
Pacquiao comes out and attacks Mosley and lands with both hands to the head of Mosley.  Pacquiao is the aggressor and lands a good left and then a hard right to the head of Mosley.  Pacquiao moves forward and Mosley on the defensive again.

9th Round -
Good left by Pacquiao and Mosley counters.  Suddenly another accidental headbutt and they quickly resume.  Mosley gets in a good left and he is countered by Pacquiao.  Pacquiao connects again with another good left.  Pacquiao then lands a hard left and right that connects and knocks Mosley’s head back at end of round.  The face of Mosley starting to feel the power of Pacquiao.

10th Round -
Pacquiao continues forward and Mosley still in defense mode.  Pacquiao constantly stalking Mosley and then lands a good combination.  Mosley moves from side to side and Pacquiao follows him.  Suddenly as both fighters are in close, Pacquiao slips and falls to the canvas.  After the replay, it is evident that it was a slip, but the referee calls it a knockdown.  It was clearly a push by Mosley.  Pacquiao quickly attacks Mosley and lands a big left on the head of Mosley.  The round ends.

11th Round
Pacquiao lands a big left to the head of Mosley and then follows up with a combination.  Pacquiao then lands another left and right as he pursues Mosley around the ring.  Pacquiao then lands several combinations on Mosley.  Mosley finally gets in a good left right combination.  Mosley then goes into defense again as Pacquiao puts tremendous pressure on him.  Pacquiao lands last punch of the round.  Mosley is now is super survival mode and makes it to the last round.

12th Round –
Again as expected, Pacquiao comes out swinging and lands a hard right to the head of Mosley.  Pacquiao is looking for the knockout and hopes that Mosley will fight back.  Instead Mosley continues to be on the defensive and moves backward.  Pacquiao lands a hard left and follows up with two combinations to the head of Mosley.  The round ends.  Pacquiao wins by unanimous decision.   The scorecard read 120-108 on one scorecard, 120-107 on a second and 119-108 on the third.

After the fight, Pacquiao appeared unhappy with the outcome and was quoted as  saying "I expected him toe-to-toe with me for at least five of the 12 rounds”.  It was obvious that Pacquiao was disappointed because he always wants to put on a good fight for his fans.  And he obviously heard the boos in the crowd, although he knew they were not for him.  Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach had a similar comment about Mosley and he was quoted as saying “From round one, he never took a step forward at us all night. When fighters don't try to win, it's time to retire."

Possible fighters against Pacquiao that have been mentioned for a Nov. 5 possible date are against either Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico, Timothy Bradley or Zab Judah. 

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