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Pacquiao on Margarito Mocking Roach: 'I'll Take Care of it'

The boxing world got a glimipse of Antonio Margarito's true colors this week when he openly and cruelly mocked trainer Freddie Roach for shaking uncontrollably due to Parkinson's disease. Talking with ESPN Los Angeles radio on Friday, Roach said he won't hold a grudge against Margarito.

But that doesn't include Manny Pacquiao.

Roach talked about how his physical shaking -- which will only get worse -- can be embarrassing. How people who make fun of it don't realize how hurtful it can be. So when Pacquiao saw how his already-dead-meat opponent for Saturday night's fight had mocked Roach on video, he told his trainer this: "Don't worry about it. Don't get upset. I'll take care of it."

Fight fans know exactly what that means -- and even that dim bulb Margarito knows exactly what it means. There's a whole lotta payback coming Margarito's way. And in boxing, it ain't a metaphor. When I say punishment, I mean brutal, nasty punches that hurt. A lot.

Pre-fight hype is part of boxing. But Pacquaio views Roach as family -- maybe the family he never had -- and for some washed-up, cheating fraud to mock the physical ailments of Manny's trusted confidante? 

Oh, boy. I see an industrial size can of ass-whoop being opened Saturday night.

Margarito better coat his skull with his favorite illegal Plaster-of-Paris substance this weekend because he's about to endure one of Pac-Man's patented fists-of-fury, electric explosions. Pacquaio's blazing punches are going to connect like predator drones from the heavens. Crushing, unexpected missiles of destruction -- as Roach looks on and smiles inside.

You think this is all hype? I don't. I honestly feel like Pacquaio is going to inflict just a little more damage than normal. Maybe even let Margarito survive the early rounds so he can toy with him. Who knows. But I do know nobody likes a cheater -- and nobody likes a guy who mocks somebody with a deadly disease, especially when that guy is your family.

Margarito will get his Saturday night. Remember, Manny told us, "I'll take care of it."


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