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Packers vs. Vikings: What Just Happened?

Last night the Green Bay Packers defeated the Minnesota Vikings 24-10 in one of two NFC Wild Card matchups this weekend. If you didn’t catch the game or only saw part of it, here are three major points you need to know.

  1. After surrendering 409 rushing yards to Adrian Peterson in the regular season, the Packers defense came to play when it counted. Peterson was held to “only” 99 yards, but a chunk of that came when the game was mostly out of reach. Peterson tried to find holes and cutback lanes, but the Packers defense was disciplined throughout the game, preventing Peterson from any of his signature monster gains.
  2. Joe Webb started in place of Christian Ponder, and it wasn’t pretty. Webb started out the game by running all over the Packers, but then he tried to throw the ball. Webb had only taken a few regular season snaps all year after being thrust into the quarterback role for Saturday’s playoff game, and it looks like he could have used some practice. Webb’s final stat line was 11/30 for 180 yards with a touchdown and interception. That line doesn’t describe the unwatchable passes he threw, bad decisions he made, and the several times that he feebly tossed the ball in the air when getting sacked. The final score may have been 24-10, but with Webb at the helm it was out of reach for most of the game.
  3. The Packers offense should be feared. Aaron Rodgers toyed with the Vikings’ defense all night, consistently finding receivers open all over the field. Green Bay displayed their receiver depth with four players ending the game with 51-61 yards. The commentators mentioned that the Vikings were taking the rare approach with the Packers to go man-coverage with the receivers, and it failed miserably. Minnesota was never successful at pressuring Rodgers, and when he had time he found his receivers with ease.


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