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Packers & Saints Proving Defense Not Needed to Win

There is no dispute that the Green Bay Packers are the best team in the NFL, and you can make a sound argument that the New Orleans Saints are right behind them. There is also no dispute that both of these teams have lousy defenses, yet somehow they still manage to win. points out that the Packers have the 31st ranked defense in a 32-team league. The Saints are 27th. On Sunday the Packers remained undefeated, escpaing with a 38-35 win over the Giants while giving up 44 yards. New Orleans gave up 495 yards in a victory over the Lions.

So how are they doing it? Offense, obviously. The Saints are the top-rated offense, averaging 448 yards per game. The Packers are fourth at 405.

Green Bay leads the league with 420 points. The Saints are second with 393. Only three other teams have more than 300 points.

Packers head coach Mike McCarthy, though, is standing by his defense.

“In my time here, our defense has stood up in adversity situations so much more than offense,” McCarthy said at a news conference on Monday.

However defensive coordinator Dom Capers said he would prefer that the defense buckle-down and stop allowing so many yards.

“I don’t think you ever want to live like that,” Capers said. “We want to make improvement in the big-play area.”


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