Despite Packers' Loss To Seattle Seahawks, Fan Writes Moving 'Thank You' Letter


A Green Bay Packers fan left the game in Seattle heartbroken after his team's loss to the Seahawks, but an amazing letter he penned after the trip has now gone viral for good reason.

The Packers fan, reportedly a 55-year-old Orlando resident, wrote in his letter that he took his 10-year-old son to Seattle to see the game in an effort to help him cope with a tremendous loss he just recently faced.

"First of all what a great game yesterday. Both teams had their ups and downs and as a Packer fan I must say the end was not what I expected. The reason I am posting today is to let others know of the kindness shared to my 10 year old son by a 12 year old girl from Seattle at the game," the man started in his letter. "My son lost his best friend in the world last week after a short illness. He grew up with Boo from about one year old. Boo was my sons dog, his best friend, the one who played with him, shared most all home meals with him and loved him no matter what. About 3 months ago Boo was just not himself and after a vet visit we all learned his time on earth was very short. Well Boo went to dog heaven last week and my son knew for the first time in his short life the feeling of losing someone you love.

"I was lost as how to help him heal, and out of no where a dear friend offered us two tickets to the game in Seattle," the letter continued. "I got the tickets, bought the plane tickets and called a friend of mine in Seattle to see if we could bunk for the weekend. All was ready so I told my son. He was very excited and for a minute seemed to be doing better."

The man went on to describe their experience at the game and expressed disappointment that their team had lost, but while out at dinner with his son, the 10-year-old said something to him that put it all into perspective.

"While my son was having our dinner meal he looked at me and said he was glad that Seattle had won. I was surprised and ask him why," the man described in the letter. "He looked at me and told me the girl sitting next to him had lost her cat to a dog attack only the day before and he wanted her to have something to help her feel better. Football will never be the same to me. So Thank You Seattle for the great game, and Thank You God for putting so much love for others to these two young people. Wishing Seattle only the very best but know the Pack Will Be Back!!!!!!!!"

Take a look at the heartwarming letter in full here.

Sources: The Blaze, Q 13 News / Photo Sources: Q 13 News, Mike Morbeck/Flickr


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