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Packers Evan Dietrich-Smith: "No Hard Feelings" for Ndamukong Suh

When the Green Bay Packers take on the Detroit Lions on Sunday, it will also mark the first meeting between Evan Dietrich-Smith and Ndamukong Suh since Suh stomped on him during a game on Thanksgiving Day.

ESPN reports that Suh called Dietrich-Smith a couple of days after the nationally televised incident.

"He's cool, he apologized, and there's no hard feelings and that's pretty much it," Dietrich-Smith said. "I think we've all moved past it. It's a big learning experience for everybody. I think everyone in the league can take note of everything that happened and I think every player is going to take a step forward to move past that kind of stuff."

Suh served a two-game suspension, and Lions head coach Jim Schwartz said he doesn't expect the Packers to add to that punishment in the form of retribution.

"Ndamukong didn't plan on doing that," Schwartz said in a conference call. "He lost his composure in the heat of the moment. I'd be very, very surprised if any team -- Green Bay Packers included -- was to plan something like that. It's a very physical game, it's tough, sometimes people make decisions on the field, but I'd be very surprised if anything like that's premeditated."


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