Packers A.J. Hawk Doesn't Get How Cameras Work; Flips Off the World

Clearly someone forgot to tell Green Bay Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk how cameras worked.

I blame Brett Favre.

During Sunday’s showdown between the defending Super Bowl champions and the St. Louis Rams, Hawk made an obscene gesture towards the Packers sideline following a sack of quarterback Sam Bradford. The move, naturally, was caught by every single camera in the stadium and quickly became a viral smash.

After the game, Hawk went into damage control mode and said that the whole thing was a “running joke” with some of his teammates and that it “wasn’t meant to get out there for people to see.” An understandable sentiment, since clearly Hawk threw up the one finger salute in the secret hideout known as Lambeau Field. A place where, even if there were no television cameras present, he’d still be doing it in front of upwards of 70,000 people.  

“It was a joke, and I kind of got caught up in the emotion of the game," Hawk said after the game. "I definitely apologize if any kids or anyone else saw it. I have a daughter myself, so I wouldn't want her doing that. I got excited and I got caught up in the game. It was just, I guess, a bad joke. I definitely won't do it again."

See folks, it was just a joke. Good one, A.J.

As fun as it is to rag on Hawk, he is by all accounts a good guy and the move likely was just a slip-up in judgment. When the adrenaline is pumping and emotions are riding high, you’re allowed to have a mistake or two along the way. Of course, as punishment, Hawk has to good-naturedly be the butt of at least a few jokes – which he’s probably fine with.

Although the league hasn’t announced it just yet, it’s virtually guaranteed that Hawk will get some sort of fine from the boss’ office for his gesture.

Video of the incident (Warning: it features an obscene gesture, obviously) below.


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