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Packers Aaron Rodgers More Popular than Santa, George Washington, Mother Theresa

Has Santa Claus ever guided his reindeer to a perfect 9-0 start? Did George Washington ever lead the Continental Army to a Super Bowl in a year when everyone assumed they wouldn’t even make the playoffs?

Sure, Mother Theresa aided the poor and helpless, but she also threw the football like a girl.

According to a recent Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey of 800 voters, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has a higher favorability than those three, plus Martin Luther King Jr. who, if I'm not mistaken, never won an NFL championship either. In Wisconsin, Rodgers was viewed favorably by 89 percent of voters – an astonishing milestone in PPP surveying, apparently.

Now compare that to Santa Claus, who only 67 percent of Americans have a positive opinion of and 13 percent have a negative opinion of. His nonstop divisive class warfare rhetoric, creating a clear distinction between kids who have been "naughty" and "nice" seems to have finally worn out the fat man's welcome. He also promotes a negative, unhealthy body image, which no doubt also played a role in these results. No word on whether that 13 percent came partially or entirely from Philadelphia, by the way.

Washington earned an impressive 86 percent favorability in the poll, and the late Mother Theresa did moderately well with 83 percent favorability. Unsurprisingly, neither ever made it to a Pro Bowl.

That’s not to say that Rodgers beats out all the oldies, though. Abraham Lincoln, who freed the slaves or ended an NBA lockout or something, was seen positively by 91 percent of Americans with only two percent viewing him unfavorably.

And, for what it’s worth, Jesus Christ came in at 90 percent positive favorability among Americans.

Tim Tebow wins again.

(Kudos to the Los Angeles Times for the find).

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